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Haylie Pomroy Global News and The Social

Haylie Pomroy Global News and The Social

On-air vs food styling

(the question that’s always asked “do you prefer one over the other when you do t.v.?”)

Well early March was a good time to decide – as I was doing both and lots of it.

I love them both – when I am styling for others, I love meeting the authors, spokespeople or clients whom I’m doing the work for. But it’s more relaxing to go on air myself. Why? Because when I am doing the work for others, I do try to mimic their style, book or prop according to what they are promoting. However the reality is sometimes this takes a little e.s.p. Does the spokesperson prefer a wooden spoon or a spatula? non-stick or regular pan? big whisk or little whisk. Well you get the picture. When I’m on-air I know what I like – so it’s just a matter of propping the set then cooking the recipes and getting the client’s key points across.

Just a few pics from my really busy albeit fun early weeks in March.