About Me

SSO-1003It’s hard to write about yourself, but since we may not have met let me introduce myself.

Before I started working full time, I went to Western (BA French), then Ryerson (Certificate in Marketing), travelled the world and finally cooking school in New York City (Peter Kumps). Having worked at Chatelaine (Associate Food Editor) and Marks and Spencer (Product Developer) it was time to start working for myself.

I really like my job, there are parts I really love and occasionally things I’d rather not do (yet another pile of dishes). I’ve been doing it many years now, but the thing with food, you’re always learning, so you’re never bored. Maybe it’s a new way to use an ingredient, or cooking from a new book, tasting a new food even going to a cool new coffee shop in the name of “research”. And I’ve met really great like  minded food obsessed people, peers and clients, which always makes my job even better.

Working in so many areas, it keeps me excited and interested. I write, develop and test lots and lots of recipes both for magazines or corporate clients. I food style for television mostly for visiting cookbook authors or advertising agencies’ clients. But I also love being the spokesperson on t.v., it’s fun. As I say to people who ask “I do everything except cook in a restaurant and write restaurant reviews.”

As you’ve probably gathered by now much of my life revolves around food. So on my off time, I like to keep active. I love to travel, with or without family (but always include lots of eating), run, bike and walk a very active Portuguese water dog named Kea.

Look around my site and please don’t hesitate to contact me, even if to exchange ideas. I’m always interested.



htrim@sympatico.ca or 416-806-3303 if you want to reach me.