“hey mom how about the half in Lisbon”

20 weeks, 100s of winter km, dogs in tow = kahlua & coffee

20 weeks, 100s of winter km, dogs in tow = kahlua & coffee celebration

…. and that’s how it started. Half marathon training while not as arduous as a full, still involves 4 days a week of running and in a perfect world a yoga thrown into the mix, while working a full time job.  Read More

Food Television

Haylie Pomroy Global News and The Social

Haylie Pomroy Global News and The Social

On-air vs food styling

(the question that’s always asked “do you prefer one over the other when you do t.v.?”)

Well early March was a good time to decide – as I was doing both and lots of it. Read More

Creating Holidays With Canadian Cheese


To create a beautiful recipe booklet that reflects our Canadian winter holidays

Recipes need to be delicious, simple and short

Use Mascarpone, Aged Cheddar, Boursin Cranberry & Pepper & Brie


One needs to look like a toboggan, one snowflakes and one snowballs, the fourth I have latitude.


“What?” I responded somewhat confused  “the food needs to look like a toboggan” “Yes” replied the ever-so-kind client. “The Art Director has a vision”.


And so I suggest my ideas, test them many times, for taste, ease, shortness of recipe and to ensure they meet the brief – Use the right Canadian cheeses and make sure they look like the Art Director’s vision. A toboggan, snowball, snowflakes and a random Canadian winter scene.


The Art Director’s vision was beautiful and as a team – I think it turned out just right 4 winter moment cheese recipes.

Canadian cheese

Canadian cheese



snowflake popcorn

snowflake popcorn


Ancient Kauai Adventure Awaits

Why Kauai?

This is why Kauai

This is why Kauai

If you’re looking for the feel of old Hawaii without the mega resorts, Kauai should be your pick. Drop down any path on the side of the “highway” and it’ll likely lead to you to an empty beach, each with its own character and few if any people. Read More

The Making of the 2016 Milk Calendar

A Canadian Tradition – 2016 Milk Calendar

A Canadian tradition going on 40 years filled with easy to prepare, full of flavour recipes using you guessing it milk! I was honoured to be asked to develop the recipes for the second year in a row. It is a process that begins in early March with the calendar’s launching near the end of November. Just in time for the December recipe. Read More

Negril, Jamaica

Ok it’s true, I never had a big desire to go to Jamaica. I had heard too many stories (actually looking back, only from one or two people) about being constantly harassed to buy things. So how did I find myself in Negril? Another friend’s happy memory of a super laid back place named the rockhouse hotel. Yes it really does look like that. Read More

Hogtown Stories: Happy Memories in the Ravine

I recently had a super fun experience with Jeremy Korn, creator of Hogtown Stories. His idea is “capture the unique and personal experiences that take place every day in Toronto’s neighbourhoods, streets, parks, towers, museums, subway stations, coffee shops, stores and restaurants. Super personable Jeremy is a photographer by way of a degree in urban planning.

So read my story, then follow Jeremy and all of his other discovery of what makes Toronto great.

Check it out here.toronto ravines




Boulder, Colorado

ozo coffee

ozo coffee

Easily accessible hiking, a huge selection of excellent restaurants and great coffee! Oh and just an hour away by city bus (this is what the locals use, as it’s the fastest and most convenient) from Denver’s international airport. Read More

Cycling the Dordogne

If you’re contemplating a cycling trip to France, early fall is the perfect time. Less crowds, less expensive and ideal weather. Consider the Dordogne region for its quaint and numerous villages that are listed in “Les Plus Beaux Villages de France” (more than any other region) as well as excellent food (aka foie gras and duck especially) and very respectful drivers towards cyclists. Read More