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Food Television

Haylie Pomroy Global News and The Social

Haylie Pomroy Global News and The Social

On-air vs food styling

(the question that’s always asked “do you prefer one over the other when you do t.v.?”)

Well early March was a good time to decide – as I was doing both and lots of it. Read More

The Making of the 2016 Milk Calendar

A Canadian Tradition – 2016 Milk Calendar

A Canadian tradition going on 40 years filled with easy to prepare, full of flavour recipes using you guessing it milk! I was honoured to be asked to develop the recipes for the second year in a row. It is a process that begins in early March with the calendar’s launching near the end of November. Just in time for the December recipe. Read More

Hogtown Stories: Happy Memories in the Ravine

I recently had a super fun experience with Jeremy Korn, creator of Hogtown Stories. His idea is “capture the unique and personal experiences that take place every day in Toronto’s neighbourhoods, streets, parks, towers, museums, subway stations, coffee shops, stores and restaurants. Super personable Jeremy is a photographer by way of a degree in urban planning.

So read my story, then follow Jeremy and all of his other discovery of what makes Toronto great.

Check it out here.toronto ravines




Is it real or not?

Yes this ice cream is fake, but let’s dispel a myth right now – most food-styled food is real. So why is the ice cream fake? Well this scoop (shortening, corn syrup and icing sugar) was used for a tv segment and with all the hot lights it would have melted. The airtime kept changing and the freezer on set was not handy. It saves me lots of worry too. It looks so perfect even close up it’s hard to tell.