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Creating Holidays With Canadian Cheese


To create a beautiful recipe booklet that reflects our Canadian winter holidays

Recipes need to be delicious, simple and short

Use Mascarpone, Aged Cheddar, Boursin Cranberry & Pepper & Brie


One needs to look like a toboggan, one snowflakes and one snowballs, the fourth I have latitude.


“What?” I responded somewhat confused  “the food needs to look like a toboggan” “Yes” replied the ever-so-kind client. “The Art Director has a vision”.


And so I suggest my ideas, test them many times, for taste, ease, shortness of recipe and to ensure they meet the brief – Use the right Canadian cheeses and make sure they look like the Art Director’s vision. A toboggan, snowball, snowflakes and a random Canadian winter scene.


The Art Director’s vision was beautiful and as a team – I think it turned out just right 4 winter moment cheese recipes.

Canadian cheese

Canadian cheese



snowflake popcorn

snowflake popcorn


The Making of the 2016 Milk Calendar

A Canadian Tradition – 2016 Milk Calendar

A Canadian tradition going on 40 years filled with easy to prepare, full of flavour recipes using you guessing it milk! I was honoured to be asked to develop the recipes for the second year in a row. It is a process that begins in early March with the calendar’s launching near the end of November. Just in time for the December recipe. Read More